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The Mighty One, 2023*

Using recovered emulsion paints, salvaged from illegal dumping of construction material and recovered from municipal waste disposal facilities, this piece draws upon compositional elements including sacred geometry and the Fibonacci sequence. It is intended to remind us of the cosmological principles that unite us with the universe. Although we were once all part of a terrible and glorious exploding star, our physical (atomic) and mental (energetic) transformations are always reconfiguring. Sometimes dramatically, and sometimes uncomfortably. What we interpret as rust and decay is simply the impact of time and energy reconfiguring the combinations of atoms that constitute our physical reality. One day we will be part of another one of the brightest lights in the heavens again – visible across the cosmos for aeons. Our matter has been here forever, and will be here forever, in one format or another. In this way we are all eternal and immortal.

The first image shows ‘The Mighty One’ under regular lighting. The image is derived from insignia used on the Israeli Air Force’s latest stealth fighters – the F-35I – an upgraded version of the American Lockheed-Martin F22 Lightning II. It can be seen as a symbol of technology, and military industrialism. The image appears old and rusted, representing the inevitable obsolescence of the new.

The second image shows the same painting in darkness , exposing a ghostly, hidden, phosphorescing image. It reveals a detail of Michelangelo’s David c.1504 which presents the youth at the start of his rise to power.

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Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 5 cm

Salvaged paint and phosphorescent paint on canvas.