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You love us, 1998

The magenta room was designed to be so large and bold, that it could not be ignored. It seeks to aggressively compete for a viewer’s attention, using size and colour to dominate the other works in the group exhibition at Howard Gardens Gallery in Cardiff. Once inside the installation however, there is little to offer, only an empty room with a large back-lit projection depicting the equally vacuous ‘Icon’ identity symbol. The central disk slowly rotates, and occasionally reveals a heart instead of a red circle. Whether this suggests the giving of love, or a demand for it is uncertain.

The installation acts like a marketing suite or sales office with nothing to sell. It was shown with Take Me I’m Yours, a series of 220 apparently identical cans, but with varying contents. These were given away free, like marketing merchandise.

Dimensions 610 × 240 × 255 cm

Mixed media