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The Western Star, 2022

Joe Hodway is known for works that change their appearance when viewed under different conditions.

They explore the constantly transforming nature of physical and metaphysical existence, and how a single entity can manifest seemingly contradictory qualities.

His media choices are frequently sustainability orientated, and regularly incorporate reclaimed, or recycled elements.

“The transformative interactions between time, energy, and matter are my focus. We, as well as the world we experience, are transient combinations of these things. Everything is perpetually exchanging elements and influence. Nothing lasts forever. It is the eternal dance of death and rebirth, attraction and repulsion.

I am in love with the beautiful and terrible constancy of change. The work is a method to represent, interrogate, and participate in the rules that govern it. It is my job as an artist to explore, and draw attention to change’s inherent beauty and absurdity, so we can better understand, and appreciate our purpose.”

Joe Hodway painting The Eastern Star