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A Man’s World, 2014

A Man’s world was Hodway’s earliest investigation into phosphorescent paints. It has three distinct appearances depending on which lighting conditions are prevalent. By day, or under normal lighting, it suggests the turmoil of machismo in a man’s mind, one common when groups of young men are together, competing for status. It references the pressures to be seen as a successful Lothario; who does exciting and dangerous things; and who has an enviable physique with superior athletic prowess. When the lights are extinguished – a metaphor for when no longer under the spotlight of one’s peers’ expectations – the man can reveal his more vulnerable and tender side. When exposed to ultra violet light it appears abstractly alien. This piece won the Best In Show award at the 2022 Erotic Art London exhibition for its atypical conceptual perspective, and unusual transformative properties.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 5 cm

Mixed media, Phosphorescent paint, assorted paints, on canvas, stretched over cradled timber panel.