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The Eastern Star, 2022

The format is based on shipping containers seen along the banks of the river Thames close to Hodway’s studio in South East, London. They start life brightly coloured, with bold logos and company livery emblazoned on them. Years of exposure to sun and salt as they travel from continent to continent, accumulating knocks, scuffs and rust, changes their character. This is a metaphor for the changes that all matter faces when exposed to the relentless influences of time and energy. All things must change.

We must remember that we are not powerless in the face of these forces. We can choose to succumb, or to ride them – like the wind and tides can smash a ship on the rocks, or be harnessed by sails to take you to your desired destination.

The Eastern Star is a response to the ideological and physical forces competing for dominance in the Ukraine. The canvas is a metaphor for the physical territory, and the apparently worn thin colour fields, and weather eroded symbols reference the human cost and structural disintegration resulting from physical and ideological attrition.

By using reclaimed, pre-used and discarded materials Hodway diverts potentially harmful waste products from landfill and fume generating incineration, giving them a new and beneficial future instead. This alchemical process, also refers back to his focus of reminding us that everything – including us, is inevitably recycled by the universe in one way or another.

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 5 cm

Salvaged paint, on upcycled cotton, stretched over cradled FSC certified timber panel