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The Extra Dirty, 2021

This seminal piece was made from entirely reclaimed materials that had been fly tipped outside his studio in South East London during the pandemic lockdowns. It marks the start of Hodway formally incorporating salvaged materials into his methodology. With the municipal waste disposal facilities closed and inaccessible, local tradesmen had nowhere to dispose of their building waste so dumped it wherever they could. Initially appalled, Hodway set himself the challenge to repurpose as much of these polluting eyesores as he could, with the goal of diverting them from landfill and transforming the unwanted into poignant and desirable pieces. Even the canvas was discarded by a neighbouring resident as they sought to reinvigorate the living quarters they were confined to. It was initially a mass produced portrait format painting, depicting a female flamenco dancer in a red dress. The kind one might purchase from a home furnishing, or department store. The paints Hodway has used are primarily trade decorating emulsions, with only the red being artist’s acrylic. Even this was salvaged from a neighbouring artist’s bin before being re-emulsified by Hodway to become usable once more.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50.1 × 150 × 3 cm

Salvaged paint, on upcycled cotton, stretched over cradled FSC certified timber panel