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The Northern Star, 2023*

Painted using discarded, and subsequently reclaimed emulsion paints, these materials would have become polluting landfill. Through the alchemy of art they have been repurposed to highlight the inherent potential in all things – even the unwanted.

The Apparently weathered and rusting surface, refers to how even the most durable of entities and empires are still subject to the inescapable, transformative influences of time and circumstance. The colours reference the flag of the European Union. The solitary, seemingly corroded star alludes to Britain’s self imposed isolation, and the subsequent consequences. The deliberate inclusion of discarded materials reminds us that physical existence is a closed loop, and that nothing really disappears, our components are simply reconfigured into new formats.

The hidden image has been interpreted as a reaction to the way British politicians have been trying to solicit new international trade links to compensate for the breakdown in the relationship with mainland Europe.

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Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 4.1 cm

Salvaged paint and phosphorescent paint on canvas.