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Happy London Pride day 2022

    To celebrate London Pride day Joe is re-presenting True Love Never Dies from his heroes and icons series (see video below).

    The true love series is an edition of unique screen prints depicting Batman and Robin enjoying a discreet, intimate moment while at work. When pursuing their calling in public, they must wear masks to conceal their true identities – in order to avoid hostile repercussions in their private lives. In this instance they are blending in with the background, in order to avoid drawing attention to themselves. However, when they are alone, and the lights go out, they can reveal their true selves. In this piece, when the lights go out, a new image presents itself. It is the most famous penis in the world – that of Michelangelo’s David. David is also an icon, an archetype that similarly represents triumph over apparently insurmountable odds.

    This piece is inspired by a very close gay friend. In order to preserve his relationship with his family, he had to present a false front, and conceal his true identity. Luckily he has friends he was able to come out to. Happy London PRIDE day! Everyone needs love.

    True love never dies, 2014
    Acrylic and phosphorescent paint on recovered textile.
    H 61.5 x W 61.5 x 4.3 cm
    Price includes frame and international shipping)