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The A-Z of Sex, 2022

A is not just for ‘apple’… Each image in this work is shaped as a letter of the alphabet. It tests the viewer’s knowledge of sexual topics and related vocabulary. recognise what is being depicted in each one? The subject of each image starts with the letter whose shape it occupies. For the letter ‘I’ you’ll need to know your Greek mythology to recognise the male protagonist depicted in Ingres’s famous neoclassical painting – and his [mis]deeds. Here’s a clue: Sigmund Freud, the celebrated neurologist, psychiatrist and founder of psychoanalysis named a well known complex after one of this character’s exploits. It is the nature of that exploit/complex that is ths subject of this image.

Art fans will certainly be familiar with work  by the artist responsible for the letter Z’s entry; Dream of the fisherman’s wife. It is none other than Hokusai – the creator of perhaps the most famous of all Ukiyo-e woodcut prints; The Great Wave off Kanagawa of 1831.

This work is available in various formats including: unique hand made collage; high resolution art print; and more affordably, as a digital download (to print at home). The price listed is for the C-type photographic print.

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Dimensions 21 × 29.5 cm

Collage, Digital download, Digital print