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The Western Star, 2022*

This piece references the constantly changing nature of our physical reality, as time, and energetic forces rip apart and recombine the fundamental physical particles that make up our environment, and indeed our own bodies into new forms.

Rusting of metal, ageing of skin, and the sexual attraction that results in cells meeting and combining to create new life, are similtaneously examples, and and metaphores for this constant, and transformative universal process. Humans combine materials to make new objects, paint them up in our livery to assert our identity, ownership, and ideologies. However time and inevitable interactions with other entities leave their own marks and influences. No matter how durable, nothing lasts forever. Even the mightiest of empires are eventually eclipsed, and become obsolete.

We can however exert influence on the elements that constitute our physical and metaphysical realities – and even shape them – but even this influence is temporary. In contrast, the repercussions of what we do and say can last for millennia.  All materials have been selected to have a net positive environmental impact. Most of the paints used in this piece are emulsions that have been recovered from illegal fly tipping. They have been repurposed to divert them from landfill, so that they will benefit the environment and society rather than harm them. Many of the other paints used have been recovered and reconstituted from discarded and donated sources. 10% of sale proceeds go to the environmental charity: Client Earth. For more information about this charity, visit the charities page via the link at the bottom of this page.

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 4.5 cm

Phosphorescent paint, salvaged paint, on upcycled cotton, stretched over cradled FSC certified timber panel.