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The Fractal Map of Being, 2023*

Created almost exclusively from paints reclaimed from municipal waste disposal sites, and thus diverting them from landfill or fume generating incineration, this piece intends to encourage us to recognise the inherent potential in all things, as well as our intrinsic relationship to the rest of the universe.

The primary image responds to the rippling outward impact of our minds on our bodies, which then extend to our immediate environments, and then to our extended environments. Similarly, it depicts how once the ripples reach the edge of a pond or puddle, the ripples return to the centre. Approximately 89% of the atoms that compose our bodies are exchanged with our environments every year. In other words, not only do our surroundings have a similar, mutual influence on us through our bodies and senses, but our surroundings are actually composed of our past and future selves.  What we do to our environment we do to ourselves.

We shape our environments just as much as we are influenced by them. All our small actions are cumulative, and will amount to significant changes in the world if we focus them with intent. The structural lines are informed by the Fibonacci sequence, one of the fractally underlying formats that underpin the laws of nature and harmony. The colour choices pay clear homage to Jasper John’s target of 1961, although the differing number of rings, colour sequence, and hues are dictated by different agendas.

The hidden image can be interpreted as a reference to our intrinsically intimate relationship with our immediate surroundings, and the continual cycles of creation and reconfiguration driven by attraction and repulsion – two sides of the same coin.

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Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 5 cm

Salvaged paints on canvas, stretched over cradled FSC certified timber panel