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The Illusion Of Self, 2023

Using recovered emulsion paints, and drawing upon compositional elements including sacred geometry, and the Fibonacci sequence, this piece is intended to remind us of the cosmological principles that unite us with the universe.

Although we were once all part of a terrible and glorious exploding star, our physical (atomic) and mental (energetic) transformations are always reconfiguring. Sometimes dramatically, and sometimes uncomfortably. What we interpret as rust, decay, and ageing, as well as their apparent opposites: fertilisation and growth, are simply the impact of time and energy reconfiguring the combinations of atoms that constitute our physical reality.

Our matter has been here forever, and will be here forever, in one format or another. Approximately 98% of the atoms in our bodies atoms are replaced every year.  What this means is profound – we are not the matter that makes us, nor are we separate from the rest of the universe. We genuinely are made of our environment. Each one of us is an integral part of the universe, and it is constantly flowing through us, in a great cycle of re-use and reconfiguration.  Whatever we do to our environment is literally what we are doing to our past and future selves.

One day we will be part of another one of the brightest lights in the heavens – visible across the cosmos for aeons – and that will not be the end of us either. In this way we are all eternal and immortal.

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Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 5 cm

Salvaged paint, on upcycled cotton, stretched over cradled FSC certified timber panel